Monday, September 24, 2012

An Old Navy Cardi Party

Thanks to Crowdtap and Old Navy, my two sisters and I were able to go to Old Navy to pick up some of the latest styles - on the house! For those who know me, you know I am absolutely not the most fashionable person. I wear what is comfortable for the day-to-day craziness of raising my three kids. To be honest, I think I really do have great fashion sense, but what's the point?! I rarely come in contact with other adults and when I am with my children, I worry that my clothes will get stained or stretched out. So generally, I wear what is cheap, comfortable, and replaceable.

I am a Walmart and Target shopper. I can't remember the last time I went to a store that simply sold clothes because I rarely buy clothes for myself. My family knows my style and they usually give me very nice presents, so... I hardly ever venture into clothing stores. What is shocking, however, is when we had the chance to go on our Old Navy Cardi Party shopping trip, I actually found some affordable clothes that I liked. I found myself saying "oh, that's not much more expensive than Target" and "hey, I could actually wear this around the house and not feel overdressed"!

Another great thing about this shopping experience was that I was encouraged to try out new types of clothing. For example, when I think of scarves, I think of wrapping my neck and face up to go out in the snow. I have never used scarves as an accessory. But because Old Navy was giving me a free scarf, I thought I would try one out. I wound up finding a couple scarves that would be perfect for adding to any fall outfit. Oh yeah. Stylin'.

Now as for the skirts...hmmm. I haven't worn a skirt in a very long time. Blame my legs. Anything that could be wrong with a leg IS wrong with my legs. I did pick out a skirt, but, I don't know. Do people still wear tights?

Here I am getting attacked by a child while I try to decide between a yellow or black cardigan.

Here is one of my sisters putting together her colorful outfit.

Here is my other sister modeling her outfit at her house.

Here are a couple outfits that I liked. I figured the scarves were interchangeable between either outfit.

My sisters chose some cute prints and bright scarves.

Overall, we had a great time putting together out three, very different outfits. Thanks Old Navy for the chance to venture out of my comfort zone. When I go back to work and/or win the lottery, I plan on returning to make a very large shopping trip!