About Me

My name is Jackie. I live in Northern Virginia with my husband and three children. When I am not home hanging with my kids, I can be found um... never mind. I'm probably home. But I will most likely be busy playing with the kids, cleaning, on the computer, reading, making coffee, tracking my husband's GPS coordinates, or running around after my boys looking like a psycho. :)

I was fortunate enough to have a very enjoyable childhood. My parents were smart, funny, and dare I say 'cool'. My siblings and I got along well and, looking back, I guess I could say I had just the right amount of privilege. I can't remember not getting something that I really wanted, but on the other hand, I grew up knowing the value of hard work. As a kid, I thought that I was pretty awesome. I liked being tough, witty, and adventurous. I was just as happy to play with dolls as I was to collect bugs. Trust me. You would have liked me!

I met my husband when I was in eighth grade. He was a sophomore and it was pretty much love at first sight. Aww, right?! I wasn't allowed to go to his house for several months after meeting him (probably because I was barely 14), so we spent a lot of time talking on the phone and taking the 'late bus' home from school. It turns out that we were inseparable. We got to experience the good and the bad of our teenage years together and (insert the word FINALLY) we were married in 2007.

I went to college so that I could get my master's degree and teach elementary school like I had always known I would do. I taught 4th grade for a year and a half (probably barely making back the money that I paid out for college) before having my first child. "D" was such a happy baby! He was spoiled, of course, and always in a pleasant mood. Nearly two years later, "C" was born. He was another smart and fun little boy! They got along so well from the start. Then, a few years later, we added little "S" to the family. She was, by far, the most sweet and precious little girl I have ever met.

So that brings us to today. I am still awesome, but also stressed, tired, and overwhelmed like I'm sure every other parent is. There is a lot of craziness in my life right now and I know there will be days when I will regret some things that I do or say, but I know that I have been given a wonderful life full of very special people. I am thankful for every minute of it. One day, I see my husband and myself living in the hills of Vermont. (Or Miami, if he has his way). Until then, I'm just going to be content to enjoy each day and do my best to Live Like a Mom!


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 Here's a glimpse of what I will post:

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