Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Genghis Grill Restaurant Review

My family and I recently had an opportunity to eat at a very unique restaurant called Genghis Grill. As soon as we were seated, by two boys noticed something sitting out on our table. It turned out to be a tablet! That's rightGenghis Grill has tablets! And before long, the kids were playing games all on their own (and I could actually concentrate on the menu). The great thing was that there were games for both children and adults! Plenty of entertainment for everybody!

Another interesting feature on the tablets, that I have never seen before, was the ability to place and pay for orders from your table. All you do is select what you want to eat, order, and pay. Within minutes, your server brings the food to your table. Awesome!

The menu was fantastic. My children and in-laws ordered specific dishes right from the menu, but my husband and I decided to build our own bowl. This is where the fun began. We each got a bowl and went up to the first counter. It was full of about 10 different types of meat. The server encouraged us to select as many and as much as we wanted. If you'd rather be hands-off, the server will fill your bowl for you.

Once we had our meats (proteins), we moved on to the spice counter. Again, there were more than 10 different spices to choose from. They all sounded so good, it was hard to settle on just a few.

Next, we made our way to the veggie area. We piled our bowls high with all sorts of fresh vegetables. There were even a few fruits here to add for a bit of sweetness. Then we got to the sauce section. Here is where my decision-making problems began to act up. In the previous stations, I could pick as many items as I wanted. In the sauce section, I wanted to pick only one or two so I didn't wind up with a big mess of flavors in my bowl. But which to choose? Genghis Grill has made it easy for people like me. They have labels by each sauce with recommendations, such as 'for chicken and seafood' and there are even little spoons available to sample the sauces. You know...before you commit.

The final counter was the starch area where we chose our noodles. Here is where they cooked up the whole concoction and then brought it to us at our table.
Here is my children's dinner, ordered from the new menu!

This is what I created from the Build Your Own Bowl option.

My little girl's meal.
 Do you think she liked it?!
No matter how full I am, I always have room for desert!

We had a wonderful dinner and I enjoyed all the little surprises that kept my boys (and husband) entertained. Genghis Grill has locations in 24 states. Stop by and prepare for a delicious, filling, and fun meal!

Menu items and prices might vary by location. I was compensated by the sponsor in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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