Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Saturday Mornings at Lowes

Twice a month, Lowes offers a FREE Build and Grow workshop for kids. I have been taking my boys to these workshops for about a year and a half and they really enjoy each project! 

Everything you need to build the project comes in a prepackaged kit, and Lowes provides child-size hammers for your kids to use all on their own.

Usually, an adult needs to help read (or interpret) the instructions, but the kids can help locate the pieces, do the hammering, add the decorations, etc. These Build and Grow workshops do not use paint as part of the activity, so you don't need to worry about your children staining their clothes! The projects are themed and are usually based on current movies. Each kit contains full color stickers, cardboard cutouts, and/or other materials for attaching to the project.

My boys love coming home to play with their new 'toys'. I love how they get to create something with real tools (and how the projects actually hold up during rough play).

Don't forget to pick up your FREE Build and Grow apron so that you can iron on all the patches you will be receiving at each workshop! *Note- You do have to preregister for each workshop. Sessions fill up quickly!*
Have your children ever been to a Build and Grow workshop? What do you think of the projects?


  1. We do these all the time. I will say that the patches don't stick very well. In fact I recently just pulled all of them off and sewed them to another piece of fabric that I then safety pinned to the front of the apron. (I'll sew it when it is full.) Wyatt and Lorelai love love love these! Lorelai can even make hers 95% by herself. I usually just help with the steps but she puts them together herself, puts in the nails, and hammers away. Wyatt still needs a little more help with his. Home Depot also has one the 1st Saturday of every month and you don't have to sign up for it, at least not in our area.

  2. Right! The boys usually collect the patches in the pocket of their aprons. We need to get around to attaching them, but the only sewing I do is by hand. I wonder if super glue would work!...