Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Batteries Plus Bulbs iPhone Accessory Bundle GIVEAWAY!

Just about everyone has had a moment when they drop, crack, or spill something on their cell phone. Not only do the costs of a repair or replacement come to mind, but the fact that you don't have a functioning cell phone can be downright scary! For me, when I don't have my phone, I start thinking...what if there's an emergency? How am I going to take a zillion pictures today? What am I going to do without ALL MY REMINDERS?! Quite traumatic! ;)
Fortunately, there is a way to have a damaged cell phone repaired locally, while you wait. That means you don't have to ship your phone out for repair! Batteries Plus Bulbs has over 575 locations, some of which offer repair services for your phone. And they do a lot more too, like provide replacement batteries for all sorts of items like razors, toys, power tools, and appliances!
Now how about a giveaway to celebrate cell phones and their importance to us (or should I say our dependence on them!)? 
The Grand Prize Winner will receive:
Rayovac Emergency Portable iPhone Recharger
iSound Back-Up Battery
iSound Mini-Speaker
And 5 Other Winners will receive a Coupon for FREE
Screen Protector Installation with any Device Repair from Batteries Plus Bulbs.
Enter using the Rafflecoptor form below. You must select one of the Mandatory Entry Options listed in the giveaway form and then write your comment in the "Post a Comment" section at the bottom of this page. You can then get additional entries, but don't forget to comment or you can't win. :)

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  1. My cell phone saved our lives! We were involved in a an accident and needed help right away. Thankfully, you only have to press and hold the send button on mine and it calls 911.
    Sherryl Wilson

  2. When we had a power outage the flashlight app came in relly handy to help us find what we needed!

  3. my husband dropped his phone on the driveway by accident on his way to work; he thought it was left at home and I didn't know it was missing. That day it rained a lot and when he came back, by accident again, that poor phone was crushed by my husband's car

  4. My cell phone came in very handy when we were lost and needed a map. Fortunately, we were able to find out where we were and how to get where we were going using the map on my phone!

  5. I love your great give aways; I just wish most of them were open to Canadians.I'll be looking out for one which does.

    1. Camasha, I checked with the sponsor and because there are no Batteries Plus Bulbs locations in Canada, if you won one of the coupons... you couldn't use it. That's why the giveaway is open to the US only. However, if you happened to win the grand prize, the sponsor has no shipping restrictions. So I won't advertise the giveaway being open to Canada, but it might be worth a shot for you to enter!

  6. Phone Disaster: There are only a limited amount of times you can go swimming your non-waterproof phone until it just won't come back to life--no matter how fast you get it out of the water, no matter how long you set in rice, no matter how many times you tell yourself- DON'T GO IN THE WATER WITH YOUR PHONE.

  7. My cell phone has came in handy when we saw a accident on the highway and called for help

  8. My phone has been used to call 911 when we've seen accidents, and it's been used to get us un-lost on numerous occasions since we moved to the east coast a year ago! It also has entertained my daughter many times while waiting in public for long periods of time. It only has one app on it for her, but that's enough to keep her happy!

    I know none of these things are very exciting, but the only time that I was in an accident, my phone went flying onto the floor of my car and I couldn't find it because I was so shaken up. I ended up using some other kid's phone when he stopped to make sure I was alright. So I'm grateful to him for having his phone handy!

  9. I was 5 months pregnant and on 95s heading to babies r us when my car got a flat tire. I was so happy I had my phone and called AAA who came right away. Being pregnant on side of the road was scary as I didn't want to get out as all the cars were speeding by.