Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fisher-Price Play Date!

This past Sunday, I hosted a fun little play date through House Party that was completely sponsored by Fisher-Price! The party pack that they sent to me came in a gigantic box that was packed to the top with toys for pre school aged boys. I had to hide the box for a couple days until I was sure I would have enough time to unpack it without my two boys around. I needed a chance to go through everything and get organized first.

It's a good thing I did wait because there was sooo much in there! There were two main sets. The Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle set came with the Castle, the Ogre, the Dragon, the Battering Ram, and four small accessory packs. This set was huge! The castle opens up to about three feet wide and all of the larger accessories, like the Ogre, are recognized by the castle and they communicate when used near each other. The realism of these toys is great! Dungeons, secret passages, a dragon that bends down to gobble up a get it all. The kids spent a lot of time just shooting cannon balls and launching the catapult at the castle too. FYI- Be prepared to fish out all of the catapult discs from your air vents.

The other set was the Rev n' Go Stunt Garage which included the Garage, the Stunt Hauler, and six additional Rev n' Go Vehicles. Although it got a little noisy at times, the kids really liked revving the cars and watching them spin, flip, and do all sorts of tricks. They could hardly wait for their turn to power-up the garage launcher and send their cars racing down the track.

One of the best things about hosting any kind of party through HouseParty is that they provide most (or all) of the 'favors' for your guests. For my play date, HouseParty supplied goody bags filled with items for the kids and parents. Each child got to take home a coloring book, an Imaginext DVD, playing tips, and coupons!  

These toys were perfect for playing with at a play date because they encouraged imaginative play and group interaction. I only wish that more children were able to attend. There were a couple last minute cancellations (a problem that arises when parties are held on Sunday mornings, I came to find out), but the kids that did show up seemed to really make have a great time. And to my surprise, there was very little fighting over the toys!

Thanks HouseParty and Fisher-Price for providing us with some quality toys for a great afternoon of play!!!

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