Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tuttorosso Tomatoes Review and Giveaway!

I was recently sent a sample kit from Tuttorosso packed full of some of their tomato products for review. To be honest, I had never used Tuttorosso tomatoes before and I was really curious to try them out and see if I could tell a difference between their products, and my 'usual' pre-made tomato sauces from the grocery store.
The sample kit that I received included three tomato products (crushed tomatoes, plum-shaped tomatoes, and tomato sauce), three recipes, a measurement converting chart, pot holder, and a soda can insulator. I looked through the three recipes and selected a fairly simple one for making Savory Skillet Chicken. Because I generally do not cook meals from scratch, simple recipes with just a few ingredients are very important to me. This chicken recipe called only for chicken, pasta, mushrooms, and two of the included tomato products.
I began by cutting up the chicken into small pieces. The chicken I used was already seasoned in the package, so I didn't even have to think about adding any additional flavor! I also began to boil the water for the pasta at this time. The chicken had just barely thawed, which actually made it a bit easier to handle and cut. 
Although the recipe suggested just browning the chicken, I chose to cook it a little more thoroughly, partly because it was still very cold, and also because I get stressed out about undercooking meat.  
While the chicken was cooking, I put the pasta in a pot to boil. I then set the pasta aside for later. (It turns out I cooked the noodles too early. They were cold by the time I went to add the sauce to them later).
I then opened the can of plum-shaped tomatoes, and immediately noticed the scent of real, fresh tomatoes. You might think this would be obvious and not surprising to me, but I do not smell anything close to this when I open a jar of pre-made sauce. Let's just say that it made me feel more like I was preparing a wholesome meal versus simply adding sauce to some noodles.

I followed to recipe pretty exactly, except for accidentally adding more sauce than what was called for. Had I not put in so much sauce, the overall result would have been a thicker, chunkier sauce. Not a problem though. We had plenty of pasta and four hungry people ready for dinner. Oh. And I also used the 'Sauce' that was included in the kit instead of the tomato 'Paste' that I was supposed to use. I didn't notice that the paste wasn't in the kit until I began cooking. I am assuming that this also would have added to the richness and thickness of the sauce.

The final steps were adding the mushrooms and chicken to the sauce and pouring it over the pasta. Here is how it turned out! No laughing at my attempt to use apples as fancy plate decoration.

I think the meal turned out very good. My favorite part...the juicy tomatoes! Really! They were a little sweet and tart and definitely fresh. I know when dinner is a success because my boys clear their plates and ask for more. They seemed to really like this dish too!
Tuttorosso Tomatoes strive "to produce the freshest, best tasting tomato products in the world. [Their] premium tomato products are made in America, all natural, preservative free, gluten free, and packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals." Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a Tuttorosso kit of your own.

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Disclosure- I received this product free of charge and I provided only my own, honest opinions in this review.


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