Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Me?

In the past, I have occasionally made a few New Year's Resolutions. Strange how I can't remember what they were. I will just assume that I stuck to the resolution, was successful, and therefore forgot what the problem was in the first place. Sounds about right.

This year, I am setting a couple goals and, within each goal, I am setting up some resolutions.

1. Be a Better Mom!

Everybody Calm Down
I think I do a pretty good job showing my children how much I love them, but I also do a good job of yelling and getting mighty crazy sometimes. A while ago, I did this whole thing where I would start out telling my boys something very nicely and when they did not listen, I would gradually get more and more firm. After the third 'request', there was an immediate consequence. This helped me to get the point across to them without getting so aggravated right off the bat. We both knew that they had three chances to behave and that was that. I want to start doing this again.

Play WITH the Kids
One benefit of my two boys being so close in age is that they are each other's best friend. They play together really well right now and can entertain themselves for at least long enough for me to get a simple chore done. The downside is that I tend to let them do most of their playing with each other, and I don't join in very much. I will toss a ball or drive toy trucks around for a little, but I haven't really stepped inside their world and actually played like a kid with them in a while. I need to spend 20 minutes straight just pretending or playing a game with them. I hate to think that I would ever lose touch with my inner child! It sounds like a family game night will be in the works...

2. Lose the Laziness!

So, I don't think I have every really, truly exercised since PE in high school!!! Before having kids, I used to be super strong for my size and full of energy. Now that I think I am done having babies, I can no longer use the excuse of pregnancy or having a newborn to keep myself from getting in shape. I am definitely not trying to make the standard resolution of exercising every day, or joining the gym or anything, but I would like to just get the feeling of being energized. I basically have no energy or motivation to get up and go. I might have to start out simply by taking short walks with the kids or watching some beginner work out shows on TV. Maybe by the end of the year, I will have even gotten back to my pre-baby self!

See It, Do It
Going hand-in-hand with having no energy is just being downright lazy. I clean the house and do chores, but there is a lot that I pass up on a daily basis. Wash clothes, but later let them wrinkle in a pile on the floor; pick up all the trash in the kitchen, but cram the trashcan so full because I just don't feel like putting a new bag in; etc. My house is actually pretty clean and organized, but I know that I don't use my time very wisely. I have to be careful that I don't spend all day doing chores instead of playing with the kids. The solution is called NAPTIME. Fortunately, all three of my children take a nap at the same time. I actually have a good hour or more to get things done, but what do I do? Sit down, get on the computer, have a snack, take a nap, watch a show, read a book, tip-toe around the house looking at all the things I need to get done, but don't do because I don't want to wake up the kids... I just need to do stuff. I need to get my awesome time-management skills back that I used to have when I was a teacher.

Set a Schedule
I have this problem at the end of each day where I think of all the great things I did NOT do with my kids. I then think of all the lovely things that I will do with them the next day. Nope. Between the few hours of preschool, naps, meals, play time...I don't see when I can fit in anything special. It would probably be a good idea to write out a list of some cool things we want to do together like take a trip to McDonald's, go to a playground, Chuck E. Cheese, ride bikes at the park, etc. Then add these events to the calendar on my phone, which is practically attached to me anyway. My boys always love having something special to look forward to. Business people do it, right? Have schedules? I'm just going to have to pencil-in the fun stuff.

Well, there you have it. My resolutions for 2013. I reeeeeally hope that I stick to these goals because I know they would make me more healthy in both mind and body. Wish me luck!

UPDATE:  I did manage to do a game night with my husband and kids and it worked out really well. We played a few games and everyone got into it. Yay!

What are your resolutions for this year? Do we share any of the same goals?


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