Monday, July 8, 2013

Potty-Training Update Weeks 1 & 2

For the past two weeks, I have been very casually starting to potty-train my baby girl. I've been putting her on the seat a few times a day almost daily. She was 13 1/2 months when we started. Too young? Maybe, but one of my boys was trained by 17 months so I figured I could start now.

So far, she has really enjoyed sitting on the toilet. The real toilet, that is, with a kid-sized seat on top. (I never used a 'potty' with her or the boys. I wanted them to get used to a real toilet since that is what would be available when we were not at home). She likes to hold the handles on the little seat and grab the toilet paper holder. No success yet, but I think the turning point is going to be when I can figure out when she has to go! I try when she first wakes up, before or after nap, and before bedtime.

Maybe I can give her some water and then let her hang out with no diaper on. I have heard about those natural potty-training methods where even infants learn to use a toilet! The key is to get rid of the diaper. I suppose I just have to be prepared for puddles. There's really no rush for me to have her trained. I still enjoy having a baby around. :)  It is more for her. She really does not like messy diapers. If I can get her to the point where she could at least do the doo in the toilet, I think she'd be much more comfortable.

There should be some progress in the next two weeks. My goal... she can watch me pour out a doo-doo diaper into the toilet. Yay!

I'd love to hear some of your potty-training stories! What worked for you and what didn't?


  1. lorelai was only 13 months. she just "wanted" to. But for both we just took away the diaper and I dealt with messes. If I saw them start to go I'd rush them to the potty. We'd also make regular trips just for fun. And of course stickers in the bathroom helped encourage every little "win." Mistake was doing a pull up at night. Wyatt would wait all day to go and go as soon as I put it on. When I took it away, yeah we had a few bed wet nights, but it was SOOOO nice not to buy diapers. Lorelai, just wanted to go, so I took the diaper away, we went about a week hanging out at home and going to the potty whenever we could and then she was trained. Rarely a wet night with her either. It's true, girls are easier!!! :) Good luck. Two down and one to are super mom!

    1. Oh yeah... stickers worked for the boys too! That's great about Lorelai. Glad you got it done so quickly! I might try to start the 'diaper off' thing next week.

      Oh. I did pour her poo diaper out into the toilet today. She watched me and said "uh oh" and then proceeded to reach into the toilet after it... I screamed.