Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Four Great Uses for Baby Blankets in the Summer

Now that warm weather is here, you may be excited to pack up all of your baby's cool-weather clothes and bring out the onsies and tanks. Me too! But don't forget to keep a couple blankets in your baby bag, because there are several times when you are going to want one.

1. Summer days are hot, but evenings can get cool. Placing a thin blanket over your baby's shoulders or legs can keep the chill off of them if you will be out at night.

2. Keep the sun off your baby when you are out strolling. You have probably had the horrible experience of opening the sun canopy on your stroller only to find that it won't adjust correctly to provide shade. Drape a lightweight blanket across the top of the canopy and down the front of the stroller to keep the sunshine out.

3. Ever taken your baby out of the car seat and noticed that her toes are as cold as ice? The air conditioning in your car can chill little legs and toes quickly. Place a blanket over your baby's feet when traveling to keep your little one comfortable.

4. And don't forget the all-time best use for a blanket in the summer... for sitting on! Adults and babies alike will appreciate a soft barrier between themselves and the itchy grass. Bring on the picnics.

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