Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is this Why Parents Dread Summer?

FOR. CRAP. SAKE. What's it been... 26 days since my boys have been out of (pre)school for the summer? I am already counting the days until they start back again. I love them and enjoy their company, of course, but let me tell you. Put the two boys together and you have just created the ideal recipe for disaster. They love each other. They can't stand each other. And it goes back and forth like that ALL DAY. Then (and here's where I come in), they start banding together in effort to drive me to my grave.

I used to get comments from other people about my magical abilities with children. "You're so calm," they'd say. "Those kids respond so well to you," I'd hear. NOPE. Not any more. I yell, we fight, they scream and run around and I think to myself... gee. I'm glad our neighbors are far enough away that they don't think I'm a lunatic. But I definitely feel like a lunatic.

And it can't be blamed on boredom either. We have something to do just about every day. Bike-riding, camps, trips, park, library. I specifically planned lots of fun activities for the summer in attempt to ward off boredom. But excuse me. I still need to do dishes, clean up, play with the baby every once in a while and I should not have to deal with crap the whole time. Seriously. Ten million toys in the house and they are not satisfied with any of them... except the one in their brother's hand!

Sooo... that's it. *let's out deep breath* It has just been a rough couple days and while I know my kids are truly very good, happy children, I am just having awful visions of the what is to come over the next 2 months. Can it get worse? Don't answer that. :) Plus, it makes me sad to be a little hopeful for the school year. Not because I don't want to spend time with my crazy boys - because I do! But really it's because I think they need some time apart from each other. Darn kids. I most certainly did not aggravate my sister (or my parents) like this when I was younger! Right? ... mom? ...anyone?

Let me hear your summer horror stories! Or your tips on how to avert them. ;)

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