Sunday, April 7, 2013

Like Father, Like Son: A Little Too Spooky.

A week ago today, my 5-year-old boy was being a 5-year-old boy and wound up breaking his clavicle bone. I have been warned that this is only the first of many injuries and broken bones that I can expect with two active boys. So now, seven days later, I can take a deep breath and relax a bit because he is beginning to heal and get back to his normal crazy ways.

The strange thing about this whole situation is that my husband also had a clavicle injury. I know that the clavicle is a common bone to injure, but it gets even stranger. In the past, both my husband and my son have somehow slashed their eyebrow and have had to get stitches. Back when they had the eyebrow injuries, I thought 'Oh. That's coincidental.' Now that they have both messed up their clavicle, I am starting to get worried. I made a mental list of all the other big injuries that my husband has had...since childhood. The tally was somewhere around - too many!

So thanks to superstition, my children are not going to be allowed to play hockey, ride a skateboard, climb a ladder, bend over in dark closets (don't ask), or do anything else that requires a trip to the emergency room! Well, at least they will have their worry-wart of a mother nagging them to be careful while they do all those things. Either way.

Has your child ever had a broken bone? How long was it before he or she was back in action?

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