Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Easy DIY Dry Erase Boards

As a former elementary school teacher, I know all about the magic of dry erase boards. Ask kids to write a math problem on paper. Grunts, groans. Give 'em a dry erase board and they're solving quadratic equations all over the place. Sometimes my own children get tired of the same old paper and crayons too. Today I remembered an old trick of mine that I used to use in my classroom. Do-It-Yourself dry erase boards! You only need three things to make one, and you might even have everything at your house already:  Paper, dry erase markers, and sheet protectors.

Just slip a white or colored piece of paper into the sheet protector and voilĂ . You can obviously use dry erase markers, but some wet erase markers work well too. Try it. It's amazing how much you will want to doodle! Ooops. Mom made a little mistake here. Let me just wipe that line up real quick. What's that? Three plus one does not equal 15? Darn. I'll just erase that and try again.

It's cheap, easy, and portable, and great for art, homework, or homeschooling. The downside... when your kids draw a really wonderful picture, it's guaranteed to smudge off. I just take pictures...


What are some cool DIY projects you have come up with?

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  1. I Love This Project With Dry Erase Boards! A Cool Project I Came Up With Was Using Egg Cartons As A Garden Starter Kit :)