Friday, August 31, 2012

Boxes, Bins, and Bags... Oh My!

Do you feel your home is cluttered or do you think that your family has too much stuff? Are you ready to get organized? Here is the basic method that I have developed for attacking the problem areas in my home. First, gather several of the three following items:

1. BOXES (old diaper boxes work great)
~ to pack up items that you want to store out of sight
~ to collect items for a yard sale or to donate

2. BINS (both bins with tops and plastic drawers)
~ to keep current toys in (drawers are perfect)
~ to store books for easy access
~ to hold sports/snow gear
~ to collect children's keepsakes

3. BAGS (large trash bags or old grocery bags)
~ to collect trash

Then go through your cluttered areas and ask yourself in which of the three Bs does each thing belong. Good luck!

What tips do you have for organizing clutter?

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