Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Looks Disgusting, Tastes Delicious: Spaghetti and Cream Cheese Sandwich

Why is it that food becomes drastically less appealing as a left over? ...Especially to children! Last night's dinner became today's lunch and I knew I would be hearing complaints. My solution- make it a sandwich!
Here's the logic:  Cream cheese tastes great on toast (a.k.a. bun). Cheese is a common topping for spaghetti. Eating with one's hands is more fun than using a fork. And it was a success! The hot spaghetti warmed the cream cheese and made a thick, rich sauce. The toasted bun had just the right amount of crunch and held the messy meal together. 

So, yeah. It looks really bad, but we have a new way to eat our spaghetti! What have you created that tasted a lot better than it looked?

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