Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kids, 911 is Not for Fun... :)

The other night, my husband noticed a police car pull into our driveway. I immediately thought that the officer was going door-to-door collecting donations, which happens a couple times a year in my neighborhood. When we opened the door, we were greeted with, "Hi. We received a 911 call from your home." Whoops.

I looked at my kids and asked if either of them had called 911. My three-year-old looked up at me and, with a strange and bashful smile, nodded. Great. I told the officer that we had been discussing what to do in an emergency a couple weeks ago and that we had practiced dialing 911. He said it was not a problem and left, but I was stuck with how to handle the situation with my boys. I didn't want to get upset at my little guy, but I couldn't act like it was no big deal.

I asked him if there was an emergency, was anyone hurt, was a stranger trying to break into our house? No, no, and no. Okay, then. We do not need to call 911. I think that seeing a real police officer show up at the door might have shocked him a bit too. He let out a deep breath when the officer left and said, "he didn't even take me to jail." Lucky you, sunshine!

For the time being, we have put the phone up on a high shelf. I can't chance another mishap occurring again any time soon. But I am a little proud, though. After reading stories about two or three-year-old children calling for help all on their own and actually saving the life of a parent, I had always wondered if my kids would be able to do that. Now I know that if I happen to need assistance, hopefully, my boys will come to the rescue!

And P.S.
No, my kids are hardly ever out of eyesight! They are just too mischievous and buck-wild. My husband actually saw our son messing with the phone, only for a second, but evidently, the damage had already been done. The WORST part... the receiver was never hung up properly, so the 911 attendant could hear everything up until the officer was gone! I wonder what we said... : /

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