Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crumbs as Still Life

Sometimes, I just take a step back and look at my world in a different way. Yesterday, I decided to get down under my kitchen table and admire the multitude of colors and shapes of the crumbs and globs of I-don't-even-know-what on the floor. I began to realize how wonderfully talented my children are at creating these unique works of art, and how determined they are at recreating this art even when others around them disapprove and don't understand their greater underlying meaning.

A favorite work of mine is a combination of dried Play-Doh, bread crumbs, juice splatter, and smashed fruit snacks. Another frequently produced work is the stepped-on cereal and smeared rice combo. Both pieces can be found on display during regular waking hours, free of charge.

Now, before anyone gets too excited, please be aware that I do clear the artwork on an almost hourly basis. If there is a particular piece of interest to you, be sure to view it quickly, as the vacuum and paper towels have been known to provide a clean slate frequently during the day. Also, I often discourage my children from ever taking part in this activity. I am trying to stifle their creativity, of course. Being a mother and publicist is too challenging and time-consuming.

What have your little artists been up to?

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