Wednesday, September 5, 2012

REVIEW: Keurig vs. Keurig Vue

If you enjoy drinking coffee, you've probably heard of the Keurig K-Cup Brewer. This one-cup-at-a-time coffee brewer is perfect for making a quick cup of your favorite coffee in about a minute. There are currently over 200 types of K-Cups available, including coffees, teas, and other hot and cold specialty products.

Anyone hate cleaning out their coffee filter bins? That is actually the reason that I began looking at the Keurig in the first place! When you use the individual K-Cups, there is no clean up. Just remove the K-Cup from the machine and throw it away (or recycle).

Keurig has recently introduced a new and improved brewer called the Vue. The one cup concept is the same, but the Vue offers a larger variety of options. The three benefits of the Vue are the ability to "brew stronger, bigger, and hotter." You can select the strength of your coffee, which is great if you have different coffee drinkers in the house. Buying one kind of coffee, but brewing it to different strengths will take care of both of you! The ability to brew hotter is wonderful for me because I tend to sip my coffee over a long period of time. Hotter coffee = fewer microwave sessions!


The original Keurig option menu is fairly basic. You can choose from two different cup sizes and select 'auto shut-off' if you'd like. While there is no specific option for coffee strength, selecting the smaller cup size adds less water, which generally leads to stronger tasting coffee! This is what I tend to do, because again, it's rare when I can finish a large cup of coffee in one uninterrupted sitting. A small, strong cup will do!


The Vue has a touchscreen menu which is so fun to use! I like selecting different options for each of my drinks. For example, I can choose to make a 12oz, strong, iced coffee. Tap, tap done! One of my favorite features is the ability to make cafe drinks. After purchasing specialty Vue cups, such as the Vanilla Latte, you simply select the Cafe option on the brewer and it takes care of everything for you. It...even...froths.

Both the regular Keurig and the Vue have removable trays to accommodate larger mugs or tumblers. The tray on the Vue also swivels up so that liquid doesn't splatter out of smaller, cafe-sized cups. Both trays are easy to clean.

One thing you will need to keep in mind is that each brewer uses a different type of cup. The K-Cups and the Vue packs are not interchangeable. This is not too difficult to remember, but if you use both types of machines in your home, you will need to purchase both kinds of cups.
Can the Vue replace the original Keurig? Yes possibly, but the Vue cup selections are limited. There are only about 50 drinks currently available for the Vue, so if you have very specific preferences as to what brands you drink, keep that old Keurig around for a while. The only downside to a one-cup system that I have noticed...having to brew one cup at a time when there are guests over. It's awkward when I serve one person at a time when we are trying to have cake and only a couple people have their coffees...but at least they get to choose how they want it brewed! At an average of about fifty cents a cup, I'll be passing up the coffee houses and sticking to my Keurigs.

How do you take your coffee???

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