Sunday, September 8, 2013

"The Dragon King" Book Review

His mother had always told him that he would one day be responsible for saving his people using his faith, courage, and wisdom. And it is with these traits that young Ethan, king and leader of his land, must battle the dragon that has been destroying his kingdom. Join Ethan on his journey and become immersed in this wonderful story by Vivian Slade.
Even though this book is written for children, I really enjoyed the plot! Ethan's character is very likable and it is interesting to follow along with his inner and external battles. I also liked the illustrations, which were actually drawn by the author's daughter. While it's maybe a little long for a bedtime story, this book can easily be broken down into shorter segments.
Another great feature of this book is why it was written. Vivian Slade met a young boy who was in the hospital recovering from burns and she developed this story as a tribute to him! You can get your digital copy of The Dragon King HERE and the audio MP3 version HERE. The audio version is perfect for younger readers to listen to while they follow along with the book and the voices are great!
Disclaimer:  I was provided with this item free of charge for review. This post contains affiliate links.

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