Thursday, May 23, 2013

Front Page: Angry Mom Breaks Son's Toy

Seemingly out of nowhere, my boys began fighting today over where they were going to sit on the couch. Screaming, hitting, and even banging each other with toys... this was a full-out brawl. In my effort to break up the fight, all while trying to feed the baby her milk, I wound up grabbing a truck out of one of their hands. Next thing I know, the wheel has popped right off. Then I get super angry because I do NOT like toys being broken. And I was the one who (unintentionally, I think) broke it. And they were still fighting. Grrrr.

Once everyone finally calmed down, I started feeling guilty. I mean, I was trying to save a kid from getting clobbered with a huge truck, but maybe pulling it away wasn't the best idea. Not to mention that we had just got the truck at the first yard sale my children have ever been to.

A little later during naptime (which was obviously needed), I attempted to super-glue the wheel on. Yeahhhh, I don't think it's going to stay on. So maybe this is a lesson learned for my son. Don't hit your brother with toys... or your lunatic mother will snap it in half.

P.S. I'm till wondering if I should replace the dang truck or not. What would you do?
UPDATE:  Some good news, the glue held the wheel on...for today at least!

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